Neighbourhoods - the way they used to be

Stage by stage, our plan is to build a healthy and thriving community with you. Our vision is to create a return to the way neighbourhoods used to be.

We’re building:

  • A place where you have a private retreat; a sanctuary from the busy day…
  • A place where you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape that’s right on your doorstep…
  • A place where a friendly wave from your neighbour helps you feel safe…
  • A place where gatherings in the street or park let you know you belong…
  • A place where you have a voice and know that you’re part of something bigger than your fence perimeter.

This is not every developer’s approach, but it’s the Brunslea way!

Your site, your builder, your way

The choice is yours

When you make the decision to invest your hard earned money into the home of your dreams, we think it’s only fair that you’re the one in the driver’s seat.

This is not the usual one-size-fits-all approach where your house looks the same as your neighbour’s and the only choice you have is the colour of your walls.

When building at Brunslea Park you actually have choice.

Unlike many other new estates, at Brunslea Park we sell direct to you, not the builder. This means that you choose exactly the site you want, the builder you want to work with and the plans that best suit your needs.

Brunslea Park is the only new land estate in Wagga Wagga to provide distinctive lot types to suit different budget and lifestyle options. Choose from Contemporary, Entertainer, Manor and Home.


Nature on your doorstep

at Brunslea Park



When people visit Brunslea Park they’re often surprised that those 10 short minutes from Wagga Wagga can transport you worlds away.




The first thing you'll notice when you visit is just how peaceful it is here. Perfectly positioned in rich farmland, Brunslea Park will include three major parklands including the Clive Brunskill Memorial Park, a one hectare Central Park and a 64 hectare natural wetlands area.


Green Spaces


Green spaces are an important part of our masterplan because we believe in the proven psychological and physical benefits they offer – promoting mental and physical wellbeing.


Planned Wetlands


Complete with kilometres of walking and bike tracks, the wetlands will be an ecological drawcard for residents and visitors alike. You can enjoy the wildlife attracted to the area while using the barbeque/picnic shelters we have planned.


Central Park


Our Central Park has everyone talking. It deatures grass kickabout areas, undercover barbeques with seating, an exercise bike, double flying fox and playground equipment. This is a central meeting place catering for all ages.


Common Ground


Footpaths for safe walking and riding will be part of future land releases. Leading to common spaces, these footpaths allow for those important casual conversationswith your neighbours.



Building? Too many choices, so you don't make one or you just don't know where to start.

Our latest house and land package e-book is sure to bring you clarity as you research the different options available to you.