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What we’ve noticed being a part of the Brunslea Park Community, is that it is a community. We very much feel it is a safe area and we are quite happy with the kids to play in the park or down the street on their own with their friends.
— Tim & Samarra


We don't believe we need another cookie cutter development. There are plenty out there already. So we're creating something different. From the very design of the estate through to our tailored, hands-on sales approach, every step with Brunslea Park is unlike any other land development.


Sometimes you have to look to the past to create a better future. And that's just what we've done. We've challenged the status quo of the current development model, and flipped it on it's head, putting the people first.

For us, it's all about human connection. We dream of happy and thriving communities that foster a sense of belonging - where people talk with their neighbours, have a say in planning decisions and can feel part of something bigger than their fence perimeter - the way neighbourhoods used to be.


Streets with generous walking paths and shady trees will lead to the communities Central Park, the surrounding countryside, the wetlands and natural spaces. These welcoming walkways will make Brunslea Park feel a little more like the kind of people-centred places our parents grew up in, where we trusted our neighbours. We believe we need communities that enable bringing all the life enhancing elements together, so we can be less reliant on cars and more connected to the stuff we love.


When people visit Brunslea Park they're often surprised that those 10 short minutes from Wagga Wagga can transport you worlds away. The first thing you'll notice when you visit us is just how peaceful it is here. Perfectly positioned in rich farmland, Brunslea Park will include three major parklands. The Forest Hill supermarket, shopping centre, childcare facilities, primary school, medical centre and the Wagga Wagga Airport are all within walking distance. At Brunslea Park you get the best of both worlds.


Considering a move to Brunslea Park but unsure about employment prospects in Wagga Wagga? We have someone who can help you!

There is a well known myth that there are no jobs in regional Australia….but that couldn't be any further from the truth! 

Gain knowledge of the local market and begin building your network today!  At Wagga Recruitment you will always be one step ahead of the competition, with insider market knowledge, personalised service and not to mention the local expertise that comes from being born and bred in Wagga!

If you’re looking for a tree change, and considering moving yourself or your family to Brunslea Park, Wagga Wagga, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today and we can put you in touch with Rhyley or Kaity, for more information about the local employment market, positions available, or even if you’d like to find out more about the city itself!

Make your move to Brunslea Park!

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