Construction loans made simple!

Pre-planning with Dragan from Aussie Home Loans

Dragan has helped HUNDREDS of families with construction loans all around the Riverina and beyond. At Brunslea Park, we often have Dragan on speed-dial for all finance and loan related questions.

Today, Madeleine sits down with Dragan and asks for a bit of a financial breakdown when looking to build. When it comes to securing land, it's all about pre-planning!

By the end of this 4-minute video, you will finish with knowing: 
- The funds you need to
complete on the lots remaining in Brunslea Park.
- The repayments per week on the lots remaining in Brunslea Park. 
- The benefits of investing in property over letting your money sit in the bank. 
- The people to talk to if you want to get started and make your dreams come true!

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Madeleine Powley