Meet Our Team

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Meet the Brunslea Park Team

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Samantha Brunskill

General Manager (and property development visionary)

Sam is a young entrepreneur committed to turning the traditional model of property development on its head.

Sam is hands-on in every facet of the estate’s development and is responsible for keeping the Brunslea Park vision alive. For Sam, property development is all about creating a sense of belonging for people so they can lead their best lives. Deeply interested in wellness and wellbeing, Sam knows the importance of social connection and being part of a supportive community.

Rarely far from the Brunslea Park Building Hub, Sam clears her calendar on the first Thursday of each month so she can be on hand to answer questions about all things Brunslea Park.

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Sales Manager

As a Wagga boy born and bred, with an unconventional career path spanning joinery, interior construction and sales, and impressive skills in property investment, Josh Howell is the perfect fit for Brunslea Park.

Spotting a special opportunity in Brunslea Park, Josh has returned to Wagga to take on a Sales Manager role and he’s looking forward to showing people exactly what sets Brunslea Park apart from other estates. Like the rest of the team, Josh is a big believer in creating community and inspired family-friendly neighbourhoods.

More than processing the sale of the land, Josh will be around to help our buyers through the entire building and development process. Whether you’re building your first home or creating the perfect investment property, Josh is experienced at navigating both paths, making him a reliable and honest sounding board for anyone interested in the Brunslea Park big vision. He loves to help people achieve their big picture and has a knack for seeing the right balance between heartfelt and numbers based decisions.

Completely sold on the Brunslea Park community, Josh is personally investing in Brunslea Park in the future.

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Office and Events Co-ordinator

An unashamed fan of Brunslea Park and its big audacious vision, Lisa Jeffree has returned to the team to take on the Office and Events Coordinator role. A regular dynamo, nobody plans and runs an event quite like Lisa and with a beautiful balance of happy enthusiasm, steadfast method and ridiculous attention to detail, our annual events calendar has never looked better.

Growing up in the building and development industry and many years working in the local Office for Planning, Lisa is at home in the residential development space and passionate about Sam’s big vision and the wholehearted community approach of Brunslea Park.

Lisa knows exactly what it takes to bring people together and luckily for us, her face absolutely lights up when she thinks about the upcoming Brunslea Park community events, such as our neighbourhood BBQs, Christmas celebration, annual fireworks display,

settlement parties, land release events and other community occasions. Keep an eye out for Lisa and her infectious smile as you become part of the Brunslea Park community.