Connection a top priority

Enabling residents to connect with each other is one of the top priorities for the team at Brunslea Park.

Brunslea Park General manager Samantha Brunskill is thrilled to see the central park development start in May. It is expected to be completed by August.

“At Brunslea Park we see the value in connection in neighbourhoods and the mental and physical benefits that it brings,” she said.

The central park at Brunslea Park will be located on Hazelwood Drive and covers 1.1 hectares or the size of around 15 house blocks.

It will be an all-ages park and include a barbecue area, flying fox, an excercise bike that charges phones and lighting.

“It will be the first state-of-the-art park in Wagga,” Miss Brunskill said.

“We looked at what other cities are doing during the design process.

“It will be a return to old neighbourhoods where people of all ages live in the same street and they can connect in these areas.”

The design process was 18 months in the making with three plans developed initially.

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Current residents at Brunslea Park voted on the designs and gave feedback which was included in the final design.

“The feedback helped to develop the park,” Brunslea Park marketing and executive assistant Madeleine Powley said.

The addition of the central park will be the third park in the Brunslea Park Estate.

“Residents backyards extend further than their permitted fence, they have access to all these facilities,” Miss Brunskill said.

The park will be the first project that Miss Brunskill will bring to life within the estate.

“This will be one of the first parts of our vision to come to life," she said.

A monthly barbecue will be held by the estate to encourage residents to get together.

“We want to facilitate that sense of community and connection then once they’ve got it they can go with it,” Miss Brunskill said.

The addition of the central park is also part of the estate’s plan to tackle crime.

“With crime the way it is today we need to be proactive,” Miss Brunskill said.

“As a developer we have a responsibility to create safe places for people to meet which will give people a sense of belonging.

“We want people to be the best versions of themselves and giving them space to connect will enable that.”

This mantra is proving to be popular with the latest land release at Brunslea Park snapped up quickly.

In less than a month there were only 10 blocks left from a release of 31 lots.

“It was the quickest sale we’ve seen to date,” Miss Brunskill said.

Currently there are more than 800 people calling Brunslea Park home.  

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