Brunslea Park hosts free yoga session for National Families Week


One Wagga neighbourhood is opening doors, hearts and minds for National Families Week week on Monday. 

A free yoga session, hosted by the Brunskill sisters on May 15 hopes to encourage families to get outside and connect with each other before winter officially sets in. 

Wagga yoga instructor Brooke Brunskill said participants would need a mat, water and towel. 

“It’s all about connection and it’s a nice way to allow families to come together,” Brooke Brunskill said. 

“The great thing about Yoga is that it’s an inclusive thing, especially for kids.” 

Samantha Brunskill said of almost 400 homes, more than 70 per cent of the residents at Brunslea Park were families.

She said after many conversations, it had become clear that many at the park were seeking the opportunity to engage with each other and attend more small, open, child-friendly events. 

“I think sometimes famlies need an excuse to get out and do something,” Ms Brunskill said. 

“We can facilitate and create these spaces but it’s up to communities to get out and enjoy it.”

In an effort to “shake up” the week-to-week monotony, families and individuals are invited to join Yoga in the Park from 5.15pm at Clive Brunskill Memorial Park (Mangrove Crescent).

Ms Brunskill said Wagga residents would sometimes complain about winter blues so the session would provide a “last chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine”. 

“The great thing is as well, what people learn here, they can do at home,” she said. 

“Perhaps we’re educating people on what a park can bring to your mental and physical health as well.”

For those struggling with other ideas to help focus on family, the Brunslea Park manager offered a “toolkit” to spark the imagination.

Suggestions included having a no-phone zone, sitting at the table for tea, getting outside, making a ‘to-do-list of things everyone would enjoy and finally, just taking the time to breathe.