SEPTEMBER 12 Development Update

The Boulevard, Stage 14a | Construction Update

The majority of the earthworks for the stage are currently being completed, including the installation of sewer and storm water. The sewer is at completion stage approximately 3 weeks ahead of schedule (wowee!). Drainage has now started with most of the pipes on site now and ready to be installed. The roads are getting boxed out and will be inspected within the next 3 weeks. 

Central Park | Construction Update

Central Park is nearing completion with just a few more items to be installed. The BBQ area's concrete slab is expected to go down in the next week or so, with the BBQ ready to be installed. The exercise bike pieces arrived last Thursday and will be installed around the same time the second flying-fox seat is reinstalled in the next few weeks. Turf near the footpath area is to be laid, and a general tidy-up will commence in the green space to the back of the park following the completion of the other elements. The park's current equipment is now safe and ready to be used by the community. 

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Brunslea Park Building Hub, 2/116 Fitzmaurice Street, 69 217 222. 

Madeleine Powley