Providing Healthy Opportunities

When Wagga Wagga (our Riverina) was named as the fattest city in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2015, it brought with these alarming statistics a heightened awareness of negative impact and the urge to personally (as a team) take responsibility.  We want to create and engage opportunity for you guys, our community to live well and be able to exercise.  This is why footpaths are so important as part of our overall development, making it easier for families to get out and about.  We have also been working on a few goodies to promote health and wellbeing.  Be sure to check out our wellness gifts below: 

1. Boot Camp with Snap Fitness: 

We have recently created a strategic partnership with Snap Fitness and we’re feeling super energetic.  This means that residents will have access to discounts when attending Snap Fitness.  Furthermore, together with Snap Fitness, we will bring to you a monthly 45-minute Boot Camp. 

Where: Clive Brunskill Memorial Park

When: The last Saturday of each month (starting from June).  

Time: 8:00am

What a great way to kick start your weekend this Winter.   

2. National Families Week we also held Yoga in the Park with Brooke from Soul Collective. 

What’s not to love about movement and meditation?  We would love to continue to hold these events between Brunslea Park and Soul Collective, to bring you the opportunity to unwind from your week, appreciate your surrounds, your neighbourhood and connect to yourself.  

“Yoga is all about conscious connection with the mind, body and soul. Being fully present and finding the inner place within during your practice so that you can live in tune with your body, your Chi (or flow), throughout each day of your life. By harnessing this connection you can live a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life allowing you to approach any situation with a calm, steady and focused mind.” 

- Brooke (Soul Collective). 

Would you like for us to hold another yoga session? If so, email

Willow Jayne