Brunslea Park Update: May 2017


It’s time for another community event… 

Who enjoyed the ‘Street Mingle’ we held in October last year?  Or…. Who heard about the Street Mingle and made a mental note to get involved in the next community event? 

The time has come and we are excited to bring you the next ‘Community Mingle’.  Let’s get the kids and of course us ‘grown-ups’ together, after all, it is through these connections that our community is strengthened.  Connection is our top priority and we want you to feel that as passionately as we do… so come join the fun! 

Currently, our city’s strategic planning is being reviewed and with our own Central Park construction about to begin late May (insert very excited face), we thought it timely to announce our community ‘Fireside Chat’. 

Do you have fond memories as a young child, heading out to a family farm to get messy, enjoy nature and enjoy the company of others?  Running around, covered in dust and exploring until dusk when the sun begun to set?   The excitement would continue into the magic of a good ol’ fashioned bonfire where clusters of chairs, eskys and everyone was relaxed and having fun.  There were always kids running around innocently enjoying the freedom of nature - shared chip packets rustling and crunching - loud laughter emanating the space and clinking glasses and cans symbolised the celebration of friendship, decent conversation and the appreciation of the land. 

When thinking about connection, communication and community, we have decided to turn the clock back to how our ancestors began connecting.    So whilst we reflect on childhood fun and fireside celebrations we continue to love as adults, it’s nice to understand why we love it some much (in terms of our heritage and how it evolved).  

A lesson in time… 

It was about 400,000 years ago when humans first learnt to control fire.  Whilst this provided the advantage of being able to cook food as well as extending the day by firelight, it also sparked imagination and storytelling.  Anthropologist Polly Weissner says, “Stories told by firelight put listeners on the same emotional wavelength,” and furthermore, “Elicited understanding, trust and sympathy.”  

Current Day… 

We still love it… we only have to look at the human fascination with fireplaces, fire buckets and candlelight.  We see fire as a meeting place with friends, or an opportunity to connect with others, which is exactly why we thought hosting a ‘Fireside Chat’ as our next community event was fitting for the purpose of strengthening our community through connection. But first, we want to seek expressions of interest that this is a community event you're interested in!

Express your interest by emailing your full name and contact details.

The details… 

We would love you to join us in July for Brunslea Park’s own ‘Fireside Chat’. If we receive strong expression of interests, we will hold this event by the Brunslea Park wetlands, the perfect backdrop for firelight.  We would encourage you to bring along your camping chairs, esky and snacks to enjoy this casual community gathering.  Lets catch up and connect by firelight… Don’t forget the marshmallows and of course some good stories to tell.

Express your interest by emailing with your full name and contact details.

Central Park Development  

It’s time to get excited because Central Park is coming...   In fact construction will begin in late May and should be completed in August just in time for Spring.  This park has been developed with the help of the community (you guys) who were an integral part of the design and decision making process – ‘Designed by the people for the people.’ 

The Central development is something that we are incredibly proud to bring to the Brunslea Park community.  It’s the second park we’ve developed in the last three years, which is a first in Wagga (with regard to a developer funding its own parks).  I think this highlights the fact that when we plan, we do – we execute and we’re really thrilled about the constant progress which brings positivity to both existing and future residents. 

Central Park is generously sized (equivalent to fifteen blocks), centrally located as the name suggests and will host many new concepts.  Why not charge your iPhone on the new cardio bike, or have a BBQ with your family and neighbours?  Have a go on the five way swing?  These park features will soon be a reality.  We also engaged the local police to ensure that this park is crime friendly and is going to be an incredible asset of wholesome value.  We cannot wait! 

Willow Jayne