Most Popular Central Park Concept Voted

Over the weekend the Brunslea Park team asked the community to vote on their most popular concepts for our new 1.1ha Central Park. 

Both concepts include seating areas, exercise stations, different playground equipment, grassed kick about areas and a double flying fox. 

Concept 1 would include goal posts and larger kick about area with a double BBQ area decked undercover shelter

Concept 2 - would include a gently curving channel with smooth rocks, including different widths in areas for jumping and stepping stones in the form of large, smooth rocks with the depth of the creek to be no greater than 150mm. There would still be kick about areas included in this concept, however not as large as concept 1.

Concept 2 was the most popular concept voted on and this information has now been taken back to the landscape designer so that we can have the plans finalised to begin construction in coming months, with the hope of construction being complete mid 2016.

Cristy Houghton