Have you ever read those stats about how much time we spend doing different things in our lives? Here are just a few ones to start you off:

  • You spend 1.1 years cleaning
  • You spend 2.5 years cooking
  • You spend a total of 92 days on the toilet
  • You spend 70% of your waking life in front of digital media
  • You laugh out loud 290,000 times in your life
  • You spend 14 days of your life kissing
  • Women spend 8 years of their life shopping
  • Women spend nearly 1 year deciding what to wear
  • You drink 12,000 cups of coffee


You would have thought! Anyway, where I am heading with this is that in looking at just what % of our lives we spend in different areas of life, I came across one stat – 45% of our time is spend in our home. 

If we are spending 45% of our time in our homes, then just how much of an effect does the right community have on our happiness?

I think it raises an important thing – and that is that there needs to be more of a focus when looking at where you will live or call “home”, in pausing and being asked by real estate agents and developers – what is most important to you when looking at the community to live in?

Building a new home, is an investment, not only financially, but emotionally. It’s a journey, that requires you to make choices, be disciplined with saving, stay committed, overcome fears perhaps along the way (like not getting the colour of your kitchen splashback wrong!). 

So, it can be scary right? Well, in my experience, it becomes a lot less scary when you have a solid awareness of what the journey is going to look like and a roadmap to navigate through it. I love how Glen Carlson from KPI puts this - imagine what the driver of the Titanic could have achieved, by knowing he had to change direction slightly by 2%. It could have meant missing that iceberg – for you, it could mean saved dollars and a simpler and exciting building process. 

That’s why we take this stuff seriously – we want to first ask the question of what’s most important to you when looking at the community to live in! So, we developed our roadmap.

Part of Brunslea Park’s six-star customer service is a free one-hour consultation* where we listen to what’s important to you, answer any questions you may have and create your unique building ‘roadmap’.

This roadmap is yours free, with no obligations to build at Brunslea Park. We offer this service because we want every home builder in Wagga to be clear on exactly what’s ahead.

So – what do you think about the link between our community and happiness? Decide for yourself or maybe even reflect on how the community you are in now is contributing to your happiness and your families or children.

Planting Seeds with Sam blog post,
written by Samantha Brunskill

Admin - Brunslea Park