We asked Janelle a few questions about the Fireside Chat. If you attended, we would love to hear what you thought as well. 

What made you say YES to attend the recent fireside chat?

I think it is important for a community to get to know and support each other. Knowing your neighbours adds so many benefits like security and safety, but most importantly it brings friendships and happiness.

The fireside chat was an opportunity to strengthen friendships already made and to see new friendships begin.

What did you and your family enjoy most about the fireside chat?

It’s hard to pick out just one thing. I loved all the talking and laughter, the kids getting to know each other and playing, the toasted marshmallows (even though I am sure our eyebrows were singed from the heat!), the guitars being played, the singing and the sparklers!

What is one piece of inspiration or tip you would like to share with the community of Brunslea Park?

I once read something that said ‘consider how to stir up each other to good deeds, not forgetting to meet together like some, but encouraging one another.’

Coming along to Brunslea Park events like the fireside chat gives us that sense of encouragement. It gives us the chance to get to know each other.

As we walk down the street in Brunslea Park, everyone is nice. Everyone says hello or waves. But it’s that extra special connection when that person saying good morning is a face you recognise and can put a name to.

Our lives get busy and that makes it hard sometimes to take the time to stop and chat. These events give us that opportunity to do just that – stop, talk and really get to know each other so that the next time we walk down the street the polite smile turns to a cheerful grin.

They help Brunslea Park turn from being a place we live to a place we love.

Planting Seeds with Sam blog post,
written by Samantha Brunskill

Willow Jayne