As we begin to look at our plans for 2018, the key word that is underpinning a lot of our plans is about how we can create shared experiences that foster a sense of belonging.


As social creatures, we desire for interaction and that sense of belonging. A life fully lived, is in part a life lived with others and shared experiences is a key part to this.


Not all experiences in life need to be shared, and we all enjoy different experiences. For some of us, it is a gentle walk by the river after work, others a hard core gym session, a tea reading a book, beer and a bbq with friends or a mountain bike ride. We all differ.


But, in being able to facilitate a Place for these shared experiences, we know we won’t get there unless we hear from – you, the community. We need to hear what type of community events you desire and then for you to participate and be involved for them to continue.


In 2017 we held a few different community events including the Settlement Party, Fireside Chat, Central Park Opening, Hard Hat Tour and Community Christmas Party. 


In 2018, we are planning to hold 4 different community events, one per quarter. We want to hear your ideas for what we should hold?


The plan is to hold events in March, June, September and December. Included in this, is going to be the fireside chat event in June and Giving Plate Christmas BBQ each December. We’d love to hear your thoughts for our March and September event.


Community events are important…


They foster a greater sense of belonging is when people go through shared experiences together. Have you ever seen a community that has had to go through hardship such as a natural disaster, this ‘shared experience’ fosters a greater sense of connectedness between one another. We want each of our events to do just this.


In looking up different community events, some ideas that have been thrown around, include:

-       Film Screening

-       Swap Shop

-       Book Exchange

-       Karaoke Party

-       Talent Show

-       Neighbourhood Walking Tour

-       BBQ

-       Kite Flying

-       Bake Sale for Charity

-       Neighbourhood Cricket Match

-       Block Party

-       Yoga & Meditation


But, we want to hear from you! So, send us in your best ideas & let’s make it happen.





Admin - Brunslea Park