Without a strong building industry, without passionate and purpose driven people within this industry who care for the people of this region – we wouldn’t be able to positively contribute to people’s lives, to enable them the opportunity to have their dream home or to have a sense of belonging, that will then allow them to become the best versions of themselves or what psychologist Abraham Maslow calls ‘self-actualised’ or gaining full meaning in life.


I started in this industry, with a passion for psychology and wanting to stand up for a community that felt forgotten. This development, started for me as a quest to get well as I worked through my own personal struggles with mental illness. 


Each builder has a unique way that allows for them to build homes in a way that a certain set of clients really resonate with. This has become the big WHY and what that builder stands for.


This has come to be the same for Brunslea Park. Over the past 7 years, we have found a new way to build communities has been born and is centred on the teachings of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


We build communities to provide people with a sense of belonging, because Maslow’s teachings tell us that when people have a sense of belonging, they are then motivated to contribute to larger social causes and gain a deeper meaning for life. When an individual has a sense of belonging, it contributes positively socially and economically then to the wider community outside of that suburb. Our vision has also grown organically to solve that initially problem we saw existed – a suburb that felt forgotten.


Businesses within the building industry are responsible for assisting people with one of the basic human needs and that is that each human needs a safe home.


I think we should call ourselves dream fulfillers instead, because this is what we all do – we make that Australian dream of owning a new home and being able to gain a sense of belonging in one’s community possible.


We make living a life of meaning or wholehearted life possible for the people in this region.


What do I mean by a wholehearted life?


Brene Brown a social research professor, describes wholehearted living about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion and connection to wake up in the morning and think, no matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough. It’s going to bed at night thinking, yes I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid but that doesn’t change the truth that I am worthy of love and belonging.


By being within the building industry, we have a HUGE responsibility. Because, if we are able to help more people’s dreams of owning a home possible, and if they can gain a sense of belonging within their community, our wider community will be safer, more connected, happier and other social problems begin to dissolve.


In Australia, half of us will be touched by mental illness. We’re a country in an epidemic of anxiety, depression and obesity. Wagga also received media attention for our obesity rates.


How did our society come to be this way?


Hugh Mackay an author and social researcher, says when we lose sight of our role as neighbours, the health of the neighbourhood suffers. And when the health of the neighbourhood suffers, we all suffer.


When we ignore our biological destiny as social creatures – people who need each other; people for whom a sense of belonging is fundamental to our wellbeing; people who utterly rely on communities to define us, sustain us and protect us – then our level of anxiety is likely to rise.

So, why do we do what we do in the way we do at Brunslea Park?

Because we want to give people the gift of belonging so they are motivated to become the best versions of themselves and in turn, the state of our wider community becomes healthier.


To adopt a purpose driven approach to business in this way, rather than a purely profit driven approach is a new movement being adopted by Fortune 500 companies, but I see that small business will now follow suit. In fact, small business has less barriers to being able to do this.


So, why should we do it? Because the state of our community is in the hands of how we build homes and our communities and ultimately how we all do business.


At Brunslea Park, in adopting a purpose driven approach we have been able to advocate for important community issues around safety, community, connection and mental health.


It started with advocating for a community that felt forgotten and introducing people to their neighbours so that people felt a greater sense of trust and connection.


Since then, it has surpassed our wildest dreams with the link we’ve found between how we build communities and the happiness of the individuals within a community.


Over the past two years, this has directly influenced the infrastructure within the development, marketing and community engagement strategies we use. This you will now see reflected through the design in the estate through our latest land release now under construction and over the next 20 years of development through parks, open spaces, wetlands and commercial precincts as part of our Overall Development Plan.


By adopting a purpose-driven business approach and a mindset of collaboration over competition, we know that we are truly pioneering a new way of operating in business, building our homes and communities and ultimately, contributing to the health of the region.  We all have the opportunity to do this and we are doing this in our own unique ways.


If we can see the responsibility we hold, adopt a purpose driven and abundant mindset to how we operate in business and advocate for the strategic direction of our City to take and truly leave a lasting legacy for future generations to come from this mindset.


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