Yoga in the Park

We asked...

Our instructor: Brooke Brunskill  
What did you love most about holding yoga in the park?

I think one of the biggest things, was being there to be able to connectas community members after the recent vandalism and we were shining a light on that.

Why do you think community events are important?

Because they bring everyone together to connect, and I believeconnection is important. Connection for me personally, is also a sense of love and I think that love is one of the most powerful things, it can rid suffering and create peace and harmony. When people feel that sense of love and connection, they feel well and whole.

What’s your big idea for one of our next community events?

A community feast, where everyone brings a dish and they come down to the park and there is not the need for the materialistic that normally create an event – music etc. It’s simply the people coming together to create that vibe, sitting in a circle, sharing, meditation with kids and eating together – something different!

What does community mean to you?

Community is about connection. Connection with your neighbours, connection with the place that holds that community and it’s about feeling safe. It’s about feeling whole, in that community is a place where you feel nurtured and supported, that allows you to live a life that encapsulates everything that allows you to be you.

Our community member: Lucinda
What did you love most about the yoga in the park?
What I loved most about yoga in the park was that I was able to stroll down from my home and participate in something I really enjoy doing. I got to meet like-minded 'neighbours' and the kids enjoyed playing on the equipment while mummy enjoyed yoga.
Have you tried yoga before in the park?
I have been to yoga in the park once before in a different location as a fundraiser.
How did you feel after it?
I felt great after our session, it was so nice to be able to get out in the fresh air and sunshine and enjoy nature so close to home.
What’s your big idea/suggestion for community events in the future?
Obviously I would love to see more yoga/meditation sessions or fitness groups happen, another idea for a community event maybe an open air cinema screening a movie in the warmer months.
Why do you think these type of events are important?
I think these types of events are important to be able to connect with your community, meeting new people, creating new friendships and a chance to catch up with existing friends as we can all get so busy sometimes, it also is a chance to connect with like-minded people and getting out into nature.

Madeleine Powley