Safety… Connection… Liveability… Those three words mean everything to us at Brunslea Park.  It’s what we strive for in every single aspect of our planning and delivery to you as part of the Brunslea Park community.

Did you know that Brunslea Park (as a ‘microburb’ of Forest Hill) is already rated as a 9/10 for safety?  Furthermore, our Boulevarde and Central Park design has also been through the process of review and received the tick of approval from Peter Narouz who is the Crime Prevention Officer with the NSW Police.  Safety is an important element of any community and that’s why we wanted to let you know that it’s something we constantly address.

Our Central Park land release continues to build on the opportunity for neighbourhood connection and is designed to promote outdoor living and create spaces that really bring people together.  Human Connection and an old school neighbourly vibe is the basis of how we design our Estate.  Our Central Park land release is a first in terms of design - it was designed by the community for the community to incorporate what YOU believed was important.  Our latest land release ‘The Boulevarde’ is an extension of this where residents can enjoy all Central Park has to offer, being only a short walk away.  We cannot wait to bring you the completed Central Park, which will tie everything in perfectly to round off what has been a highly anticipated community asset.  And just in time for the beautiful spring weather…. Yippeeeeee!

What does livability mean?  Livability is the sum of the factors that add up to a community’s quality of life – including the built and natural environments, economic prosperity, social stability and equity, education opportunity, and the cultural, entertainment and recreation possibilities.  This definition makes us smile, because here at Brunslea we wholeheartedly believe that every single aspect of our team’s day-to-day management, planning and general tasks, all directly relate back to the livability of the estate.

So how do we tie together these very important aspects?  It’s simple – we need you!  Remember our last neighbourhood tip?  Everyone benefits from a strong community.  We hope that our efforts in laying a beautiful foundation will allow you to be active within your community.  Why don’t you reach out and say hi, wave to your neighbours or pop over to borrow that cup of sugar (we told you we wanted to create that ‘old school vibe’) – better yet, why don’t you introduce yourself to a new neighbour?

Madeleine Powley