Mother's Day

Do you want to surprise your Mum this year with a genuine and heartfelt Mother’s Day?  We’re not talking about expensive gifts or extravagant gestures.  We’re here to help make your Mum feel loved and valued…

Dads, teenagers and adult children… take note.

First things first – save the date: Sunday 14th May (now don’t forget).

To be honest, most mums on Mother’s Day want very little, yet so often these simple longings remain overlooked.  Let’s have a look at the top five things your mum really wants this year:

1.     She wants… to feel valued and appreciated.

2.     She wants…  a little time out.

3.     She wants… you to make the Mother’s Day plans.

4.     She wants… a day off (her usual tasks).

5.     She wants… a gift she didn’t have to ask for.*

*This does not need to be a material gift, it just means that she’d appreciate some forethought – this in itself demonstrates love and appreciation.  (Oh and if she didn’t have to play referee between fighting siblings for the day, that would be great too).


This is the one thing most mums keep each year.  The craftier and messier the better, they spark character that make our hearts full.  Get the kids to go nuts, pull the craft box out and make them feel proud of their creations.  It’s nice during this exercise to talk about how special mum is and why you love her so they will say something nice on Mother’s Day morning.  Even take note of what they say and translate those words straight into the card.  Often young children say the funniest things… these sentiments make for very cute cards.* 

*Don’t forget to clean up.


Do you need some help with ‘what to write’ inside the card?  Sometimes we don’t know what to say.  Here are some options you might like to use (followed by a genuine, thanks mum for…xyz).

            “Everything I am – You helped me to be”

            “Home is where your mum is”

            “To the world you are a mother, but to us you are our world”

            “Mums are people who know us best and love us the most”

“Happiness is seeing my mum smile”

“First my mother, forever my friend”

For the dad’s when it comes to card wording, why not say exactly what you’re grateful for, it doesn’t need to be fluffy – keep it sincere. For example: “I truly appreciate everything you do for our children and our family.  You’re an incredible mum, beautiful wife and we’re lucky to have you.” Bam!*

*Just keep it authentic.


Here are some free or inexpensive gift ideas for mum.

·      A sleep in (“Alleluia” she says).

·      Breakfast in bed… why not check out our FREE DOWNLOADABLE ‘Breaky in Bed’ menu she can fill out the day before?

·      Time out (set her up a picnic rug outside, with some of her magazines or a book and bring her a cup of tea…. Then - most importantly, leave her alone – yep – the art of keeping things simple is often the best gift of all).

·      Create a voucher book she can use whenever she feels like it (include things like: a night off cooking, foot massage etc)

·      Washing Machine ‘Out of Order’ sign – she can use this throughout the year when she just doesn’t feel like washing. 

·      Hand picked flowers.

·      A playlist for the car (great for teenagers to create).

·      A family collage for her phone screen saver.

·      A jar of love (cut up little love hearts, clean out a used glass jar and stuff all the hearts with written messages into the jar).

·      Wash her car and vacuum/clean the inside too.

·      Teach her something (social media or a Netflix lesson etc)

·      Ask her to teach you something (if you can dedicate some time to your mum teaching you something she loves, this time and bond between the two of you will prove to be a gift never forgotten).

So there you have it… a gift guide to make your mum feel special this Mothers Day.  Sometimes ‘less is more’ is the way to go when you truly want to show love and appreciation.

Before we end this special Mother’s Day edition… we’d like to acknowledge those who have lost their precious mothers.  Mother’s Day can be a tough day of facing loss and grief.  For those who are missing their mum’s not just on Mother’s Day but every single day…

“If roses grow in heaven Lord, please pick a bunch for me.  Place them in my mother’s arms and tell her they’re from me.  Tell her I love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while.  Because remembering her is easy, I do it every day.  But there is an ache in my heart that will never go away.”

To all the mum’s, step mum’s, foster mum’s, nanna mum’s, mother in laws and carers – we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day from Brunslea Park.

Madeleine Powley