Buying land, questions answered

So you want to buy land?  And, you have a stack of questions?

Problem solved…

At Brunslea Park we like to make things as efficient and easy as possible.  When making big financial decisions, there’s always a lot to consider.  We believe in transparency and working with you to ensure you have all the information you need to be comfortable to take that next step. To achieve this for you, we’ve taken a ‘put ourselves in your shoes’ approach and have collated all the essential data you need to know about buying land.

1.    Soil

It’s important to understand the type of soil prior to purchasing your land.  Building your home’s foundations, ultimately depend on the type of soil you are building on.  A good chat with your builder will provide more information and understanding.   The soil type at Brunslea Park tends to be MD or H.  In modern day building, builders often use Waffle Pod slabs to assist with any movement.

2.    Land Access/ Council Restrictions/ Covenants/ Preservation Orders?

So you want to choose a beautiful block to build that beautiful home right?  So let’s make sure that there are no unsuspecting surprises. 

Covenants will be specific to each land release and are set out by the developer. This information can be provided at the time of enquiry.  It's important to look at these covenants prior to building.

Our main contractual agreements to consider relate to the size of your home relative to your block of land, as well as when you start to build, aka ‘the timeframe’.   At Brunslea Park you must begin building within 12 months of land purchase.  You must also have your landscaping complete 6 months after the completion of your build. The purpose of these agreements is to protect the overall aesthetic appeal of Brunslea Park to ensure that it remains as per the strategic plans/vision of what the area would look like.  I.e. you will own a home in a beautiful estate.

We like to make things as easy and streamlined as possible for you, so if you have any questions we are here to help. 

3.    Utilities and Services Available (electricity, sewer, water, phone, natural gas)?

 We are an estate ready to go, including the following:

  • Electricity
  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Gas

What about NBN?  What are the benefits?

The nbn™ network is so much more than fast internet.  From education to business and entertainment, it gives us all the opportunity to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected.

Brunslea Park is a NBN ready estate and this is fantastic news. 

Tip: Just ensure that when you are planning your build that you make sure the appropriate NBN inclusion is in your building contract.

4.    Builder Inspection

We think it’s a great idea to get your builder (even a land specialist) on site to discuss the best ‘lot’ for your needs.  Important and exciting discussions can be held around the best way to position your home to get the greatest use of lighting and save on future energy costs as well as potential savings on-site costs (cut and fill of the block with excavation).

5.    Land Use/Zoning

It’s important to know about area planning and the rules for land use on surrounding properties.  Which ‘industries’ if any, are allowed to operate?  Is it truly residential?  Do you want something that may interrupt your initial vision of a ‘quiet’ neighbourhood?

At Brunslea Park we have a long-term strategic plan, which you can read more about in the following questions. 

6.    Location and Facilities

How long does it take to get into town from Brunslea Park?  People often think Brunslea Park is a long way out of town, but we tend to disagree.  Why not check out our video below and see for yourself:

Click here for the Time lapse video!

In terms of our plan, it’s all written out HERE in our brochure which has a map and relevant locations.  If you’re alternatively after a quick list, see below what Brunslea Park currently has on offer:

  • Foodworks Supermarket
  • Bottle-O
  • Post Office
  • Medical Centre
  • Pre-School
  • Daycare Centre
  • Public School
  • 2 Parks (and another one on its way)
  • Skate Park coming to Forest Hill this year
  • Fuel station
  • Airport (just a skip across Elizabeth Avenue)
  • Blessed Bean

7.    What about future facilities?

We believe it’s a good idea to know if there are any future plans in place for the estate you are considering.  You may have heard about plans, yet is there any specific information or timeframes around this? 

We are all about strategic planning and sticking to our promises.  After all we are as passionate as you, about where you live and what’s on offer.  Let’s talk about what Brunslea Park has in the mixing pot:

  • Central Park
  • Wetlands - a key project once Central Park construction is finalised.
  • Overall development plan: Over the next 10-15 years of development we aim to ensure that Brunslea Park is a walkable suburb that promotes connection, combined with opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our existing residents currently benefit from this already with events held regularly like yoga and boot camp. 

In 2016 we hosted a village hub ‘Think Tank’ where a mastermind group came together with global place-maker.  This report was created to include the entire vision of the Brunslea Park area.  Council approvals will ultimately dictate the implementation in terms of timeframe. Click here to view the report. 

  • Village hub centre – this has been included in the overall development plan with a liquor licence currently held to accommodate the overall execution of the centre.  

8.    The Neighbouring properties?

Are your ‘potential’ neighbouring properties well maintained?  Are there any privacy issues?  Is there a vacant block – what type of building is proposed, is it residential?  These are all questions when considering the purchase of land to build your home. 

Even… I wonder what my neighbours are like?

At Brunslea Park we have a unique proposition, which we believe sets us apart from other estates.  In essence, we work closely with each and every client that is purchasing within our estate.   This means that as a team we are able to contact various neighbours/homeowners with questions and importantly, an exchange of details so that you can discuss important factors such as, shared fencing costs and simply meeting the people you’ll be living next door to.  We believe this is a really nice touch in making connections.

Often in other estates it’s difficult to get in contact with key people who are needed to resolve such issues and queries.  We see ourselves as a one-stop shop for all matters, not only during the purchase and building phase but right through to when you become a member of our community.

We always remain a central contact to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

 9.    Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet your potential neighbours?

At Brunslea Park, we host an annual settlement party where we officially welcome and introduce new neighbours into our estate… Your estate! Your community!  We host this event to embrace socialising and fun for the whole family.  Meeting the neighbours is done over a celebration with food, drinks and games for the kids – we even have fireworks!!!  How great is it to have the opportunity to ‘meet and greet’ and in doing so, connect with other like-minded people and families. 

‘Ducking next door to borrow some sugar soon becomes an easier process, when you know the people in whom you’re sharing a neighbourhood with.  It’s comforting.’

When a community connects, great things happen.  We have proudly heard amazing stories from Brunslea Park families who help each other out.  One example was ensuring some of the older kids look after the small children on the bus to school, such beautiful simplicity evolving from the true meaning of community.

When we seek to improve our way of life, the state of our country and connection with others, we are a huge believer in starting this in your own back yard and your own street.  The term ‘neighbourhood’ has evolved over the years and at Brunslea Park we are trying to wind that clock back and create a more connected community which has an on flow of benefit for everyone. 

10.    Do you have any other questions?

We are more than happy to answer them for you – Click here to be in touch! 


Madeleine Powley