The Pro's & Cons of Building vs. Buying

If you’re trying to decide whether you’d like to build or buy an existing house then we definitely feel for you— it’s a common question we deal with every day! That’s why we’ve revised a list of pros and cons for those trying to make the big decision. Consider the following:


Pros: Building up from scratch means you’re avoiding a lot of annoying nuances: think repairs and renovating. You can customize with construction crews and work with them to get the perfect floor plan you’ve been dreaming of. Everyone can be planned, from coordinates to colors. If you’re thinking green then building means you score the energy efficient advantage you’re vying for, and that’s because self built homes are known for lower utility bills. Technology is a huge plus too; your home can be built with the latest and greatest including wiring, cable, alarm systems and more. By the way, who doesn’t love the new house smell?

Cons: If you’re a busy bee then you probably don’t have tons of time to coordinate with construction crews, decorators, landscapers and more.

Buying an already built home alternatively means you’ll have a lot more time to do the things you’d like to put first. In some cases, building means you can’t situate yourself exactly where you’d like to be.


Pros: Quite often, an existing home is built exactly where you want it and if you’re a picky person then this might be your preferred option. Have you always wanted a character home? Want to avoid the hassle of building, plain and simple? Existing houses might be the right choice for you. Another plus is that buying a house often means you have more negotiating power meaning you could score a pretty good price. The whole place including the gardens and backyard are already complete so once you buy the property you can move in pronto.

Cons: If your place is a bit older then the technology might not exactly be up to date. Items might not be working up to par and you might have to invest in repairs and redecorating. Sometimes you can’t initially tell if everything is operating efficiently so you could inevitably end up spending time on plumbing, heating and more. Does the place not quite match your imagination? You might have to renovate which can cause a few extra headaches.

Whether you decide to build from scratch or buy brand new, we wish you all the best! Good luck!

Admin - Brunslea Park