Top 6 Interior Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Even the best interior designers make a few mistakes, which is why we’ve provided you with a list of six common mistakes that designing amateurs make. Keep these in mind so your designing adventures are smooth sailing.

1. Forgetting mirrors

Mirrors make the world go round! If you can’t see your reflection in each room then you’re probably a little off. Turns out mirrors are a great way to make your rooms look more spacious so if you’re using a lot of furniture or decorations then this is a must. Not only this, but mirrors make the room appear brighter as well.

2. Misplacing art

If you’re putting art on the wall then make sure that it can actually be seen. Placing photos and art too high up is a common mistake, so keep in mind the average height of people who will enter your home. Anything you put on your wall can act as an optical illusion; if you’re not strategic with your placements then your walls could appear to be either too tall or short.

3. Impulse buys

When it comes to decorating just remember to take your time. Interior designing should never be rushed because trends quickly change and with that, your mind does too. Not only this, but you need to make sure the things you’re vying for are actually in the budget. There’s nothing worse than buying something you ultimately end up regretting.

4. Not asking for help

Everybody makes mistakes but you’re more apt to do so if you don’t get some insight from someone else, even if it’s just a friend. Always go over decorations, colors or trends with someone who will give you their honest opinion. If you want to be super sure about your decisions then don’t be shy and hire an interior designer, even if for just one or two hours.

5. Painting too soon

Sometimes we rush to paint our rooms as we imagine it as step one. However, this simply isn’t the case. Put your paintbrush down and instead consider what you’ll be filling the room with. What colors of furniture will you utilize? What sorts of fabrics will you buy? Figure these things out first then plan accordingly.

6. Forgetting focus

Where do you want people to gravitate towards? Sometimes we forget about this when arranging the placement of objects in our rooms. Make sure your furniture isn’t scattered in places like living rooms or dens. Find your focus, such as the table, computer or TV, and then place your furniture around it afterwards.

Follow these helpful tips for avoiding errors in your interior designing process so your vision becomes a reality...the first time you try! Remember to scan the internet and the latest magazines for inspiration making sure to write the important parts down. Enjoy!

Cristy Houghton