Tips to transition to your new home

We’re all for taking the stress out of incredible moments and moving into your new home is no exception. We’ve created a list so you can ensure your transition is seamless.  

Ask for help

It’s time to ask your buddies for help. After all, that’s what friends are for.  Reduce your stress by calling in the favor of getting some extra help and you’ll see how much of a difference this really makes. A successful move is all about making a team effort, so try your luck at convincing everyone to help you pack, move, and unpack.


Jot down all the things you can do before your first sleep at the new place to make sure things go smoothly. Do you have your power set up? Is the water good to go? Do some research to figure out which companies can offer you the most bang for your buck. Get the internet running to avoid any annoying gaps.

Reduce clutter

Use your move as an excellent opportunity to get rid of the stuff you don’t really need. This will ease up a lot of space and effort when you move into the new place. Not only this, but you’ll feel a lot better too. Separate your needs from wants and decide what you can afford to put to the side or donate to a charity.

Create a cleaning schedule

Consider whether or not it might be worth it to hire a cleaner to take care of your current place so you can focus on the move itself. A lot of people accidentally pack their cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner in the process, so if you don’t want to spend money on a service then plan what order you’ll clean each room in. The trick is to clean room by room as each one becomes empty.

Make delivery decisions

What items are you ordering to your new place? As you can only imagine, having everything delivered on the same day you’re moving your own stuff in can be a little overwhelming! Keep your head in the game by prioritizing getting your own stuff in first, then hiring the furniture company to show up the following day. Avoid any unnecessary stress.

Remember that when transitioning into your new house it’s important to take things one step at a time. Sit down and write down all the stuff you need to do; it will give you the focus and clarity you need. You’ll thank yourself later!

Cristy Houghton