The art of building a community. How and why? Part 1.

It could seem odd for a property developer, to promote the phrase “It’s not where you live… It’s how you live”.

Well it all really clicked when I read this book. It touches on the intricate elements of a community and articulates these in a way that I’d never even imagined could be done before. No, I’m not going to tell you the book title just yet…

We’re redesigning our Masterplan. We are being unorthodox and excitingly open in our approach as we endeavor to engage residents, builders and interested members of the community to hear what they have to say.

So where did it all start? Formulating core values to ensure every person on the team knew how we were going to “play the game”, by game I mean how we’re going to work together to get it done!

So… that’s when our values were formed.

We Inspire
We Make A Difference
We Collaborate
We Are Authentic
We Are Reliable

Yes, you’re right. It’s not the traditional values you may assume of a property development company… what should they be again?

So we got our context right – we are going to inspire those around us , collaborate along the way to make opportunities for everyone, be authentic in our approach and reliable as we deliver our promises along the way.

Now the second step. We wanted to engage with the builders. They’ve been doing this for yonks! Decades longer than me.

Then the community, that’s happening this Wednesday (register here).

So how do you engage the community? Well it is going to involve a lot of post it notes and dots, paper, speakers… and yes I will be on the panel! FIRE away – and I’ll share with you the events that have led us to this point and share what we hope to see occur in the future. Watch on Periscope or email for a video link from the night.

- Samantha Brunskill, General Manager, Brunslea Park

Part 2 – How did Wagga City Council, Wagga Police and Sam handle the questions as a panelist? Dot-mocracy, post it notes.. what happened at the community forum?

Cristy Houghton