Street Vs. Community: Out with the old, in with the new

Now that it’s 2015 a lot of us are used to living in boxed up apartments. Living within a street environment instead of a community is the norm for a lot of people. However, there are a slew of benefits associated with choosing an environment that connects you with others.

Now that we’re focused on what many consider to be a conventional norm, otherwise, living in an apartment situated by the street, let’s wipe out our traditional form of thinking. Living in a close-knit community is actually pretty instinctual for us. After all, it’s how we originated. We started out living in villages and tribes but within the last few decades we’ve lost touch with that idea.

We’re all for living in a positive neighbourhood because we love feeling the energy of people around us. Conversely, living in a street environment can feel pretty segregated and isolating at times; this could make anyone go a little crazy! It’s also been said that apartments can harm your relationship because there isn’t a lot of breathing space.

There are heaps of rewarding aspects associated with surrounding yourself with people you’re truly able to connect with. Besides developing relationships with others you’ll notice a lot of personal development within yourself. This is thanks to the fact that you learn how to work with other people, creating long lasting bonds along the way. Living in a community allows you to feel you can rely on the people around you if you’re ever in need. It provides you with an identity. If you have children then they’ll benefit by learning how to communicate with others. It also feels awesome to have the important responsibility of taking care of a property with a lawn, garden and even more. You won’t have this sort of opportunity if you opt to live in a high rise.

Living in a community also gives you the opportunity to share resources, create an outstanding lifestyle as well as an environment that’s conducive to raising healthier kids and relationships. In a community you can count on others to give their own insight and opinions, which creates an equal environment. On the other hand, a street styled environment often breeds a bit of apathy amongst people who feel they don’t have the time or commitment to sharing their voices. Living in a community gives you the opportunity to be social and connect with others.

If you really want to live the good life then think big and consider living in a close-knit community like Brunslea Park. We’re confident that you’ll connect with others and quickly reap the benefits of knowing you’re finally a part of something that matters.

Cristy Houghton