Simply NBN

Okay…first things first, who owns NBN?

The NBN (telecommunications company) NBN Co Limited (trading as NBN) is an Australian government-owned corporation tasked to design, build and operate Australia’s National Broadband Network. Simply, NBN is owned by the Australian government. 

What exactly IS NBN?

You will hear the terms “Fibre to the Node”, “Fibre to the Premise”, “Fixed Wireless”…and so forth. If you want to understand more thoroughly visit the NBN website. For those of you who want it straight, NBN is fibre optic cable that will replace the current copper cable that currently gives us access to phone and internet services.

Most old suburbs will not have this fibre running straight into their home, but this does not affect NBN’s ability to perform as intended. The majority of the homes in Brunslea Park (specifically in Stage 11 onwards) will have the fibre running directly to their home and can connect without further installation required. However, everyone will need to make the switch to NBN as it does not happen automatically due to the difference in plans and pricing. 

NBN is being rolled out because our old cabling can no longer keep up with population growth, demands for services and the speed and ability required for new innovative technologies. NBN upgrading from your Nokia brick to your smart phone, it will allow you to do more, faster and easier.

What does NBN service?

Landline phones, internet services, medical alarms (in hospitals etc.), and monitored security alarms (in retail stores etc.).

Do you have to connect to NBN as soon as it’s available in your area?

No. However, just like your old phone, the copper services will no longer be available after 18 months. These “old” cables will be switched off. After this time, you have no choice but to move over to NBN. Don't worry, all your service providers will be experts at making it easier for you by this time! 

How much quicker is NBN?

If you don’t talk in Mbps (like me), all you have to know is; it will amaze you in its speed, even with multiple users on the same service. This is the whole point of NBN, to offer speed of download to a greater amount of users. 

Do I have to break my contract to switch to NBN?

Not if you don't want to. Just contact your phone company or service provider and enquire about moving your plan to NBN. If you hope to switch to another provider, enquire about the exit fees to leave the contract (this may require a break in contract, depending who you are with). 

Can I keep my phone number?


Will my current modem/router work with NBN?

Some will, some won’t. If it’s a newer modem/router you should be right but just to be safe, make sure to check this with your service provider. They can include the new modem/router in your plan if you need to upgrade. 

 Will the switch be easy?

We hope so! We are starting to become NBN experts ourselves, to save our residents from the confusion!

And what if I'm building my home in the next 18 months?

When you're speaking to builders (or your chosen builder) and deciding on plans and inclusions for your building contract, make sure that NBN connection is included otherwise this will be an extra cost once you move in. By including it in your building contract, your builder can submit the application to NBN and you can move in with it ready to go. All you will have to do is speak to your service provider to start using it - simple! 

How's that? Feeling a bit more NBN savvy? Contact us if you have ANY questions at all (no matter how silly you think they might be).

Cristy Houghton