Property development; the Brunslea Park way!

At Brunslea Park, we take a fresh approach to land development. Creating a legacy for the Brunskill family, with the business driven, on the most part, by two young women, means the usual way of the industry is almost completely turned on it’s head.

For many years, land development has been profit focused, with each land parcel divided with this in mind, without the consultation of the community.

The newest land release at Brunslea Park, The Central Park land Release (Stage 13a) is the direct result of community consultation and an innovative approach, all the way down to the design. Incoming and future Brunslea Park residents have been a part of something new, part of a new way of doing things.

So what’s so different about how we operate?

To start with, Brunslea Park directs their marketing to clients before builders and investors. The Central Park Land Release 2, for example, has been purchased by 80% clients and continues to be shaped by the families that will soon live within it.

When it comes to the end of the year for the Settlement Party, this approach makes it easy for a facilitation of community engagement and each new resident meeting their neighbour.  In turn, increasing the many advantages of living in Brunslea Park.

A benefit that carries on to the client with this approach is the freedom of choice when it comes to buying land early, having the ability to take extra time to save, or secure land before you finish your lease or sell your home. This way, you are also able to have a greater understanding of the land price, stamp duty and other extras so that you can save upwards of $5,000.)

What else is different?

Rather than just seeing our estate as a separate parcel of land to develop, we consider it as the extension of a suburb that it is, treat it that way, and aim to integrate it that way when developing it.

Brunslea Park has the only estate masterplan in Wagga that considers every single element of day-to-day life (and the neighbouring fixtures) surrounding it.

Linkages to schools and shops, the flow of foot and vehicle traffic, location of parks and recreational spaces and the placement of roads to suit the location’s typical traffic flow are all part of how we develop our land, to ensure the experience for our residents is second-to-none.

To sum it all up…

At Brunslea Park, we understand the true responsibility we have in developing a new neighbourhood, right down to the people who will live there and their lives and families. We are creating a legacy for a family who’s links go back 100 years, but also creating something truly unique for the Wagga Wagga area.

Cristy Houghton