Key ingredients to becoming part of your community

When you think of the word community, what do you imagine? For a lot of people, this elicits so many different thoughts. Some people see isolated suburbs, blocks without personalities, empty buildings and more. The truth is that the days of feeling like you’re part of a “tribe” or a “village” have become increasingly sparse…but then again, that’s why Brunslea Park is here.

Here at Brunslea Park, community embodies our vision of what it means to be a part of something. In our current world of technology we often withdraw from our surroundings, which is why we believe in using as many tools as we can to bring community members together

Here are some key ingredients for becoming a part of your community.

  • Meaning

Part of the problem with the word “community” is that the concept often confuses people. But we believe that the beauty of building a community is its ability to change people’s lives by finding meaning in the place that they live. After all, don’t you want where you live to represent what you believe in? Being a part of Brunslea Park means you’re building a future with your family. There are different pillars that bring meaning to our community: nature, people, communication and more working harmoniously for the purpose of making others feel like they’re part of something. We like this quote from a visionary: “As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inward. Build bridges instead of walls.”

  • Connecting

Living in different houses often segregates people, not just physically, but emotionally. The truth is that we’re all about people benefiting from each other’s positive attitudes. That’s what a neighborhood should be about: creating connections. Make friends with the people who live next door. Knock on their door to say hi! Do something old fashioned for those who are new: show up with something simple to show that you care. Don’t just seek inspiration, inspire others. Don’t make conversation for the sake of being polite; ask some cool questions to help create a bond. Wouldn’t you like to feel that if you ever needed something, you could ask your neighbour for help? This is what Brunslea Park is all about.

  • Sharing your voice

Imagine how amazing a community could be if everybody shared their voice? Brunslea Park provides a constant forum for your personal thoughts because we’re always willing to hear what you have to say whether it’s good or bad. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself. We’re the only estate in Wagga that offers an office where you can come talk to someone who will help you make all your key decisions. It’s something you definitely won’t find anywhere else. We also hold a lot of events and that’s because our eyes and ears are always open.

If these key ingredients are any indication, building a community with purpose isn’t so hard when you look at the concept with a positive attitude. Open up and you’ll reap all the benefits, finally feeling like you’re part of something that’s making a difference. These are the key ingredients to becoming a part of your community.



Cristy Houghton