How community connection can put a stop to bullying

If there’s one thing we are all for here at Brunslea Park, it’s fostering a sense of community and connection in our residents.

We’d like to share with you just one example of where the kindness and compassion of one community member has helped another, and brought two families in our community closer together.

At last year’s settlement party, a young boy arrived with his family.

New to town having recently located from the nearby town of Young, he didn’t know anyone, and had not yet made any friends at school.

In fact, the young boy had been experiencing bullying from his peers during his first few weeks at his new school.

At our settlement party he met another young boy slightly older than he was, whom he formed an instant connection with. In beginning to chat, the boy’s mothers realised their sons attended the same school, and got to thinking.

The older of the two boys now proudly looks out for his little buddy at school and, once he and his family have moved in to Brunslea Park, will ride with him to and from school on the bus

Over the moon with joy to have found a friend, the younger of the pair cannot wait for his family’s Brunslea Park journey to begin, so he can meet more friends like the one he already made.

This is the fundamental reason we hold our settlement party; to give our residents a chance to meet, connect and form friendships that can be life changing.

ABOVE: Images from our 2016 Brunslea Park Settlement Party.

Cristy Houghton