Essential Checklist: How To Choose Your Lot

1. Does your lot receive regular waves and smiles from its neighbours?

Is your lot part of a growing and thriving community? Neighbours can play such an important part in our daily lives. Good neighbours can become great friends, and some cases like family. Around Brunslea Park, we’re lucky to have a number of wonderful neighbours, which make life – and our work – more enjoyable. 

2. Does your lot provide you with the convenience of central living but the ability to enjoy quiet walks through parks and suburban streets?

Are you a few minutes walk to a local shop if you suddenly realise you’re out of milk? Or you don’t have quite enough eggs to feed your hungry kids for breakfast? Is there somewhere close you can grab a coffee, or wine and cheese and a few magazines for a night in? What if you need to travel for work or personal reasons? Are you 2 minutes from the airport? 12 minutes from the centre of town? 5 minutes from the river? 10 minutes from your children’s school? 40 metres from a beautiful park? Make sure you have all of this, as well as the peace and quite of rural living.

3. Is your lot in a beautiful, clean and safe area?

A study was completed that showed people who felt their suburb was beautiful, clean, and safe, the more likely they were to report being happy.

4. Does your lot have a good sunset view?

This is certainly of high importance. 

5. Is your lot close to an area you can enjoy frequently?

These areas could be parks, cafes, walking tracks or local shops. Brunslea Park’s planned wetlands area will become one of those frequently enjoyed areas with 2.5kms of walking and bike tracks along a winding and beautiful trail through the natural and aesthetically pleasing Australian gums.

6. Is your lot part of a community?

People are social creatures. It’s simply a human trait. Whether we are introverts or extroverts, shy or gregarious, we need to know that we are part of a community.

7. Does your lot provide you with access to a healthy and happy lifestyle?

It’s all about the geography of happiness. Being able to live in a quite, beautiful area, surrounded by a strong community, all the regularly facilitates, as well as places for you to explore and encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So, does your lot tick all the boxes?

Cristy Houghton