Entertainer Delight: How to create the perfect outdoor space

What do you think of when you envision your perfect outdoor space? Do you see colorful undertones, interesting plants or plush furniture? Making this happen is all about having a plan and figuring out what you like by taking inspiration from different models in stores, magazines or even online. Here are some helpful tips for making your idea outdoor space ideas come to life.


When people enter your outdoor space they’ll want to sit down and relax. But don’t feel you need to commit to a simple sofa. Take into consideration the plethora of options you’ll have at your fingertips. That includes stools, chairs, benches and more. Make sure the seating situation caters to the wide demographic that will inevitably enter your home. This means you need to make the space usable for not only adults, but children too. Make sure you have enough seats if your get togethers end up being bigger than expected, while keeping in mind that you want to avoid any sort of clutter.

Add some color

What really draws people in is color. Using cool undertones or vibrant tinges give your outdoor space a feel good vibe. Establish your color scheme so your furniture selections are color coordinated, giving your space an original feel. If you’re thinking about creating something more formal then keep your colors simple but pay attention to little details like decorations that will pull the entire idea together.

The little things have big meaning

Small decorations and touches add an extra delight to your outdoor space. They’ll also be noticed so much more than expected. Think of decorations as that aspect that will add extra dimension to your outdoor space. Consider vases, pots, art and more. There’s no limit as to where you can place them. Experiment with the different areas of your space such as the dining area or even on any side tables.

Find focus

What is the main spot of meeting in the room? Is it beside a fireplace? What about your dining room table? Don’t feel like you need to take the traditional route and keep in mind how the lighting will change during different times of the day. This area is where you want your furniture to really stand out, keeping in mind the possibility of a fountain or even a pond! This is the area where people should be able to talk or even find their zen.

Looks matter

Think of your outdoor space as though it’s a museum or art space. You want people to love what they’re looking at so they walk away remembering how they felt.  Little things like lanterns, lights, paintings, vases, shrubs or even water features make your space really stand out.

These ideas will help turn your dream space into a reality. Get ready to open your mind remembering the sky’s the limit! 

Cristy Houghton