Downsizing? How to downsize without losing your lifestyle

When it comes to your living situation, downsizing not only feels depressing at first, but disappointing. In a day and age where every cent counts it’s become all to important to downsize for the sake of saving money, living where you want and even adding some extra space. The change can be a little daunting at first but when you see the benefits these worries will start to dwindle. Here are some tips to help make this transition easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Identify needs vs. wants

This is something everyone really struggles with but it will get you a long way if you approach it with lots of thought and a  healthy dose of positivity. Think of it this way: what can you live without? Eliminate those things as necessary. It will save you not only room in your place, but free up your brain so you can exert your energy in places you feel really matter. Which furniture do you use on a regular basis? Which clothing items do you actually wear? Do you really need a massive TV or can you get by with something a little smaller? Plan accordingly.

Sell your stuff

Now this one sounds difficult! The truth is that if you get rid of those baggage items then you’ll feel less emotional baggage within yourself. Think of it this way: you can still have your lifestyle and this way it will just be less cluttered. Not only this, but it could score you some extra cash. Make this a team effort by chatting with your neighbours to see if you can throw a stellar yard sale together. Also remember that the money you raise can be used to get some items you actually need. It’s a win-win situation.


When you have the opportunity to take in items always ask yourself, is this conducive to benefiting my awesome lifestyle? When you store your items you actually create space meaning you won’t feel cluttered. Don’t feel totally pressured to use your home space for storage…if all comes to all then it’s totally ok to invest in a storage locker. It’s one thing to get rid of excess items, but another to have insight as to what you’re likely to need in the near future. Everybody has items that are sentimental as well, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have room for them in your immediate space. There’s nothing wrong with putting them to the side so you can focus on living your life.

Using these tips you can maximize your lifestyle by minimizing your items. Always remember that the right thinking pattern means you’re actually upsizing your life by downsizing. Attitude is everything. 

Cristy Houghton