Buying off the plan: what to think about

If you’re looking into buying off the plan then you’re heading in a great direction. Buying off the plan has so many added benefits compared to conventional norms and doing so allows you to harness control over your visions and dreams. Do you enjoy having flexibility? Are you an organizer? Do you know what you want?

We’re providing you with some tips and trips for navigating buying off the plan. Read on!

Creative control

  • Buying off the plan is a surefire way to control all the little things that matter to you in creating your property. Think about color schemes, floor plans and all the technicalities of building your vision.

Ability to claim tax

  • If there’s an investment incentive regarding your big decision then remember you might be able to claim tax for lots of little things. No matter what, make sure you chat with your financial advisor regarding this issue. Be in the know.

You can buy yourself some time

  • The deposit is the first commitment you’ll have to face. But after that be aware the entire payment doesn’t need to be paid until the property is finito! This means you can take advantage of time to make sure your finances are in order

Confidence in current market prices

  • The current market price stays the same when you buy off the plan. Otherwise, the initial price will stand even though the property in actuality won’t be completed until later.

Fluctuations in property value

  • It’s always great when property values increase but just remember that you’re also susceptible to the risk of paying too much if the market isn’t doing so well. In this unfortunate case, you might feel like you’re playing Russian roulette with your finances.

Ensuring you trust your builders

  • Some builders like to play by their own rules so make sure that they’re following yours instead. You want to make sure that you’re involved during the whole process so you wind up with something you totally want in the end.

Financial foes

  • Be aware of worst-case scenarios. This can mean dealing with serious financial problems if you don’t plan enough in advance. Solution: get a financial advisor who will help you work through the process. Trust us, it’s worth it! Make sure you have everything in writing so know where your money will go if something goes wrong

These are some great go tos when it comes to buying off the plan. Don’t be afraid to call us for anything you need. As a simple rule of thumb, just remember that buying off the plan means you need to have your own strategic plan at all times.

Have you ever imagined what it might feel like to purchase property? You probably envision the conventional norms: reviewing the property, making the initial deposit, eventually a bank transaction, and when it’s all said and done with, shaking hands with the seller. Traditionally, this is what buying and selling looks like to many people.

Do you feel like something is missing here?

At Brunslea Park we genuinely feel that taking the monumental step of buying property should feel monumental too. This big decision should be more than completing a “business transaction.” That’s why we’ve revised a strategic plan that allows our customers to feel like they’re part of our family.

Shaking our hands means you’re doing more than just taking your for sale sign down; in actuality you’re forming a relationship with us that will ensure the choices you make in Brunslea Park become a journey.

This is already pretty evident just by taking a look at our website. We’re more than frozen profile pictures and a simple quote or phone number. Sure, we’re definitely the kind of people you can call whenever you have questions of any sort, but we’re always looking forward to seeing you in person too. With your property comes personality! Not only this, but you’ll finally feel like you’re communicating with someone who actually listens.

Back to property ownership: we love helping people transition from the client stage to a valued community member. That’s why we hold an annual settlement party that commemorates the bonds created in Brunslea Park by joining all our community members; people like you who believe in being a part of something. It’s here that you’ll be introduced to all your neighbors so you can learn lots of names and even make some new friends.

Brunslea Park is not faceless. That’s why we have a building hub in the CBD that becomes your portal of information. We’ve created this welcoming space so you feel you can come by at any time during the day.

Another aspect that sets us apart from local businesses is the regular updates that we provide our community members. We’re always updating our website with new, vital information and we encourage everybody to watch our weekly vlogs hosted by General Manager Samantha Brunskill. This is our innovative method of keeping you in touch with your community 24/7.

We’re not a traditional property development business because we believe in creating relationships that make you more than just a resident, but a community member too. Feel free to come on by at 2/116 Fitzmaurice Street. We look forward to seeing you!

Cristy Houghton