Belonging at Brunslea Park

“The art of belonging is not just about finding your own place in the networks and neighbourhoods that sustain you; it’s also about creating space for other to join (or rejoin) the circle. Social exclusion is a crime against humanity. While it’s true that people sometimes exclude themselves, our duty as humans is to ensure that they receive every encouragement to reconnect, knowing that the longer they remain excluded, the harder it will be for them emerge from the shadows.”

– Hugh Mackay, “The Art of Belonging”

We hope that as you consider, explore and continue to learn about life at Brunslea Park, you keep this passage in mind.

Why? Because the masterplan for our newest and next stages of development were inspired by the book from which it came, “The Art of Belonging” by Hugh Mackay, as well as our community members themselves.

So what does it mean to belong?

To be a member of, to be affiliated or in association with, to be connected to a place, group or time.

And why is it so important to belong?

Because without membership, affiliation, association or connection to anything, how can we survive?

At Brunslea Park our resident’s sense of belonging is our number one concern; because a community wouldn’t be much without it. At the heart of ensuring community connection at Brunslea Park is the reversion to a past way of living, in a community built for future families

In a world where communication is more likely to happen with our heads down and thumbs tapping, rather than with eyes locked and ears open, we are giving back the permission to the community to reconnect, to have the courage to wave or speak to their neighbours, to let their kids play together, for ask for that bag of sugar, watch their house when they are away.

If you’re interested in finding out more about life at Brunslea Park, and the core values that drive our development, drop into our building hub on Fitzmaurice Street and pick up an information pack, or visit us at our Paperbark Drive Display Village on April 29th.

Cristy Houghton