7 ways to add value to your house

1. Transform your rooms

Adding an extra room allows you to increase your house’s price and it’s easier than you might initially think. The best part? You can do this in a week or less why using some drywall. Turn your den into a room by adding a closet to up its game.

2. Create storage space

If your house is older then chances it might be lacking in storage space. Look into the possibility of adding closet systems. The best news is that if you do your research right you can complete a lot of this by yourself! Check out your local home improvement store to look at design options focusing on easy to assemble systems.

3. Be mindful about the mechanics

It’s worth your time to bring in a plumber and electrician to fix anything that might be wrong. This way they can take care of any loose ends, faulty outlets or even the smallest of water leaks. If the buyer knows this lookover has been completed then they’ll probably be willing to pay a little more.

4. Carpeting

The quality of your carpeting makes a huge difference in making your home look both cleaner and newer. Don’t necessarily feel like you need to replace it altogether but instead consider hiring a carpet cleaner. It’s relatively inexpensive and anyway, new homeowners usually like to choose their own carpeting if a replacement is needed.

5. Give your landscaping a special look

Updating your landscaping just a bit can give your yard the distinguished difference it needs. Check out your local stores for some cool new shrubs that freshen things up a bit or hire on a landscaper who can plant a few small trees or plants to give the place the home designer look. Giving buyers the security they won’t have to start your landscaping from scratch will make them willing to give you more money.

6. Liven your house up with light

Lighting makes such a drastic difference to the ambience of your home. Say goodbye to anything fluorescent being mindful of new possibilities such as ceiling fixtures or chandeliers that make everything look both brighter and newer. Lighting opens up your rooms so people want to come in!

7. Decorate your front door

Think of your front door as a statement piece. It’s the first thing visitors will see and touch so you need to make sure it’s top notch. If the knob isn’t quite in place or it’s looking a little old then give it a sleek finish that makes it look bright and new. Even metal doors can be painted with wood grain textures or even a dark cherry look.

Make more moola with these small suggestions and you’ll reap some big benefits. The best part is they won’t break the bank so you can make these changes without having to pay your real estate agent any extra money. Good luck!

Cristy Houghton