5 Questions to Ask Your Builder

Before taking on a new builder you want to ensure they’re in the right spot to take your project off the ground. Always ask the following questions to make sure you’re both on the same page so you feel included during the entire building process.

1. Can we see a portfolio of projects you’ve recently finished?

Ok, so this one should be obvious but it’s a definite must. Look at your builder as though they’re a job applicant: what do you need to see to consider them a viable option? The answer usually exists in their portfolio. See if what they’ve done matches the vision you have for your own home. Ask about where they get their products from and even go as far to talk about people they’ve recently worked with. You’ll find out a lot just by interviewing other people.

2. Are you licensed?

Cover your back by making sure they have theirs covered! Only work with builders who are licensed and don’t just go for someone because they’re cheaper; this can be a bad sign. Run a check on their license just to be sure or even just begin with an internet search. Google never lies.

3. Who will the supervisor of my property construction be?

Just remember that it’s best you’re familiar with the supervisor and that you trust them too. Will they be on the property more often than less? The more they’re present, the better quality your construction will be. Also take a look at their experience and past employment. Successes or failures may be a good indication of what you should expect.

4. Where else will you be working?

This is a crucial question because you need to make sure your builder is adequately able to make it to your location without any extra wait time. When your dollar is being spent you want to make sure everything is very time efficient. If the builder is all over the place then subcontractors may need to be hired which means they aren’t as familiar with the process and there’s a possibility they may not be up to standard.

5. Have you ever declared bankruptcy?

A declaration of bankruptcy is a sure fire sign of disorganisation you need to be wary of. You need to make sure this won’t be the case when they’re working with you since you don’t want to be left with a house half built with no one else around ready to complete the job. 

Cristy Houghton